If you own a pet, you know how much joy it can bring to your life. Having a pet means that there’s always someone to cuddle with and play with when you feel lonely. But having a pet also comes with some responsibilities. One of the most important is cleaning up after them so they don’t make your home filthy or sickening to be in. There are many services out there that offer professional pet waste removal, which can make it easier for you to keep your home clean and healthy!

3 Advantages of Pet Waste Removal Service

1. Safety is the number one concern.

Each year, thousands of people in the United States are hospitalized due to injuries caused by stepping into their neighbor’s dog waste. While you may think this couldn’t happen to you, why take that chance? Two or three rounds a day from a pet waste removal service is much safer and less costly than a trip to the emergency room.

2. Save your lots of precious time.

As a homeowner, I’m sure you have plenty of other things that you would rather be doing with your time at home than scooping up your dog poop for an hour or so each week! Perhaps you’d like to spend that time gardening, walking, reading a book or throwing the football with your kids. By letting the professionals do their job, you have more time to do yours…plus it’s fun!

Scooping up all those piles of stinky poo is not only a messy job but also one that takes up quite a bit of free time every week. The last thing most people want to do after work is spend what little remains of their day outside in the cold weather scraping together enough frozen feces off their lawns so they can get back inside and enjoy some much needed rest.

3. It will save you money

If you’ve ever had to pay a non-professional to clean up after your dog, then you know how expensive it can be over time. When hiring a pet waste removal service, they will give you a great deal on either yearly or monthly billing plans. This means that not only will you be saving yourself money by hiring someone else to do this dirty work for you, but also by paying less for each individual service than if paying a-la-carte

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Pet owners want the best for their pets. By hiring Department of Doody, you can rest assured that your yard will always be clean and free from unwanted bacteria or viruses that come due to poop not being cleaned up. To keep your yard healthy and clean, give us a call at Department of Doody today!