Justin was very friendly and informative about his process. He did an exceptional job and cleaned up more dog poop than I thought was out there. I highly recommend his company!
— Debra Forbes
Justin provides fantastic service. Besides being methodical and thorough, he sends a text a few minutes prior to arrival and another after the service, with a picture of the locked gate. I love that!
— Priscilla Davenport
Very reliable service. I always get a text when he is on the way and one when he is finished. Very happy with the service and would highly recommend Dept of Doody to everyone.
— Heather Quinn
Great prices! Very thorough! Communicates well! Reliable! Great customer service! I have two English chocolate labs and cleaning up the yard is very stressful and because I have disabilities it causes me severe pain. I’m truly grateful for this company! it’s a dirty job with affordable prices.
— Karalyn Martin
I love using this company, they have been on time and professional since day 1. Every time they are out, I get an alert 10 minutes before, and the yard is always SPOTLESS when they are done. I would definitely recommend this company for cleaning!
— Kolbie Kaminski
Dept of doody has been amazing. When we planned out our backyard retreat we knew we would not be good hosts of friends and family if everyone had to dodge dog poop in the yard. Dept of doody is very reliable and communicates extremely well with customers. I would highly recommend this company to friends and family.
— Christopher Fontenot
I love being able to go out in my yard and enjoy it, rather than spend all my time picking up after my dogs. They are incredibly fast, text me when they are on the way and have GREAT prices. Totally worth it!
— Lynne Wallace
Today I signed up for this service. The sign up process was super easy! I was hesitant to put my card on file, but after much thought I decided to give it a try! I knew it would be better for me in the long run! Plus, I knew I wanted to support this local and family owned business! I got an email from Justin asking what day I wanted service. He said he was already in the area so I opted to take the opportunity to meet him today! I got a text message saying he would arrive in the next 10 minutes.
Justin was pleasant to talk to. He explained everything I wanted to know about what he does, and then some! I probably talked his ear off! I was super interested in how he and his co-worker were able to take care of so many customers! Justin did an excellent job on my back yard. He gave my beagle a dog treat! It’s so comforting to know my yard is clean for my kids to go play and not have to worry about shoes getting dirty!
I highly recommend this service!
— Paige Humphrey
Have to brag on my pooper scooper. He typically services our area on Fridays…PERFECT and in time for the WEEKEND!!! Since last Friday and tomorrow are holidays, they came a day early to make sure that all of their customers were happy AND today, its 36 degrees out, raining and windy. It is absolutely miserable out there and Dept. of Doody has already come and gone this morning. So…if you need this kind of service, I would recommend these guys all day, every day. We have used them for a little over 2 years. A huge THANK YOU to Justin and his team.
— Robyn David Mahle
These guys are amazing. Best money I have ever spent. They are very professional and always send a text before arriving and after completing the work. Very reasonably priced and very thorough. I would strongly recommend them if you are tired of picking up after your pets.
— Morgan Schenk
Justin is FANTASTIC! I have three dogs (that’s a lot of dog doo!) and two little kids so a clean back yard is super helpful! Justin is communicative, reliable, sweet and most importantly – thorough! He gets everything, every time. I refer him to my friends (almost reluctantly because he’s like the best kept secret!) but he really is great. I can’t recommend him enough. I LOVE that my kiddos can run around in the backyard after I get home from work and I don’t have to worry about running behind them to ensure everything is clean/ Thank you, Justin, for taking one of my not=so=favorite chores off of my to-do list!
— Makenzie Foster
Fast and reliable service with the best rates I have found. This service is great for those with a busy life and it’s really helpful to have a yard clear of dog waste for kids to play. I highly recommend the Dept. of Doody!!!!
— Heather Wright
Justin is very professional!! The work is done quickly and efficiently! I LOVE the yard deodorizer! Justin has used this at the side of my house where stray tomcats spray and it lasts for a very long time. I highly recommend Department of Doody. I have 3 dogs and love the great prices!!!
— Cammy Barbosa
We love Department of Doody! We always say we’ll pick up our dogs droppings in the backyard but never seem to get to it. Now that we’ve had this service a few weeks, our grass is poop-free, thicker, greener and more fun to play in! They’re very professional and communicate well when they’ll be at our home. We absolutely recommend them!
— Jill Kirk
Justin is amazing! The service and professionalism he provides is bar none. He is extremely thorough and fast, it’s like the dog poop just disappears. I would recommend Department of Doody to everyone who owns a dog. You won’t be disappointed.
— Danny Chester
Justin and Department of Doody is Awesome! We switched to them from Poop Troops because I wanted to help and wasn’t 100% satisfied with Poop Troops. I love, as others have mentioned, that he let’s us know when he’s on his way. I also like the picture of the locked gate as well. He is super friendly and I love that he has great customer service.
— Chris Pollard
Justin is AMAZING!!! he is polite, professional, and handles our least desired job with efficiency and speed. He’s also the most reasonably priced poop pickup service I found. He deserves your business!
— Tammy Holt
Justin was very friendly and informative about his process. He did an exceptional job and cleaned up more dog poop than I thought was out there. I highly recommend his company!
— Debra Forbes

Justin does a great job. Our yard is 100% poop free. Prompt and courteous service. Absolutely recommend using Justin and his business. Please support local and small business.
— Ryan Hall
Since day one, they have been so professional! They make sure to update me on the time they will be out to clean up my dog poop. I never have to wonder if they came by or not. I would highly recommend this company to anyone!
— Laura Foxon
Justin was scheduled to spray my yard today but when he got there he very kindly accepted an additional task of cleaning the poo out of my backyard. WOW! He did a great job and charged a fair price. He’s very friendly, professional and I absolutely love the yard wash he used. Wysiwash kills parvo & other dog viruses, bacteria, mold and deodorizes. That’s important to keep your pets healthy. And it kills the odor in a multi-pet backyard! I definitely recommend this company and especially the yard wash service.
— Debalene Endsley
Great service! Justin has done a phenomenal job in communicating and the delivery of service. My backyard has been spotless every time one of his technicians has come through. I would highly recommend.
— Joshua Soberanis
Can’t say enough wonderful things about this company. Honest, reliable, thorough, clean, reasonably prices, and well worth every penny. Love the convenience of the service and the app. If I could give 10 stars, I would!
— Sarah Lemley