Let’s be honest, cleaning up after your furry friends isn’t the most glamorous part of pet ownership. But at Department of Doody, we believe responsible pet care shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why we offer flexible, customized waste removal plans designed to meet your unique needs and give you back precious time.

Beyond the Basic Poop Scoop: Custom Waste Removal Plans from Department of Doody

Why a One-Size-Fits-All Poop Patrol Doesn’t Work

Every yard, household, and dog (or cat!) is different:

Yard Size: A postage stamp patio vs. sprawling acreage calls for vastly different cleanup approaches.
Number of Pets: A single dog creates less mess than a multi-dog household.
Your Schedule: Do you need weekly cleanup, or more frequent visits for high-traffic areas?
Special Needs: Do you have elderly dogs with less predictable potty habits, requiring additional visits?
Budget: We recognize that financial considerations play a role in how often you can utilize our services.
Custom Plans: Tailored to Your Situation

Department of Doody offers a range of service options:

One-Time Cleanup: Overgrown yard? Hosting a party? We’ll tackle the mess so you don’t have to.
Recurring Visits: Choose weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service for consistent yard maintenance.
Frequency Adjustments: No long-term contracts! Up your visits during puppy training, then scale back as needed.
Additional Services: Deodorizing, hose-down of concrete areas, and minor yard debris removal upon request.
Multi-Pet Discounts: We love big furry families and offer price breaks for additional pets.

The Department of Doody Difference

We’re not just in the poop-scooping business; we’re committed to happy pets and owners:

Discreet & Professional: Our team arrives in unmarked vehicles, respecting your privacy.
Thorough & Efficient: We meticulously search your yard, ensuring no “presents” are left behind.
Eco-Conscious: We responsibly dispose of waste and offer biodegradable bag options upon request.
Communication is Key: We’ll text upon service completion, so you know your yard is ready to enjoy.

Benefits of a Tailored Pet Waste Removal Plan

A Healthy Yard: Regular removal reduces odors, pests, and the risk of spreading canine diseases.
Reclaim Your Time: No more scooping duty! Spend those hours walking your dog or simply relaxing.
Peace of Mind: Know your yard is clean, even if work gets busy or the weather turns bad.
Aesthetics Matter: A poop-free lawn boosts curb appeal and lets you host outdoor gatherings without worry.

Get Your Yard (and Your Sanity) Back

Invest in a custom waste removal plan and enjoy the perks of pet ownership – without the stinky downsides.

Contact Department of Doody today for a free quote and let’s create a plan as unique as your pets!