Owning a dog is both fun and rewarding, but there are some frustrations that come with it. One of those things is picking up after your pup when they’re done potty training. Our goal at Dept of Doody is to make this task easier by providing pet waste removal services that will keep your lawn and yard clean and healthy, no matter how many pets you have! We’re also devoted to making your life easier by getting rid of nasty dog poop, odor, and germs so you don’t have to! Cleaning up after your dog is a necessary part of dog ownership. Dept. of Doody offers pet waste removal services that will help eliminate unsightly piles of waste from your pet as well as the odor and germs. Depending on the location of your dog’s “deposits” here are few tips to make clean up easier and lessen the time and hassle of cleaning up after your dog.

Doody-Free Tidying Tips

If it’s still in the yard

Clean up can be a chore, and you know your dog is doing his or her business right in front of you, but there are still a few things you can do to make the job easier on yourself. We recommend getting a pet waste removal service so that someone else does all of the heavy lifting for you. Dept. of Doody offers pet waste removal services that will eliminate unsightly piles dog poop, odor & germs.

If it’s on the sidewalk

Exercise caution when cleaning up after your dog. Use a disposable container and some newspapers or paper towels to pick up your dog’s waste. Remember, in some areas, it is illegal to place this poop in a public trashcan. Once you have completed the cleanup and disposed of the pile responsibly, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. We recommend using disinfectant wipes if available for this purpose.

If It Ends Up on Your Shoes

If dog poop happens to fall on your shoe, quickly wipe it off and then dispose of the soiled tissue or paper towel in a plastic bag. Hose off the sole of your shoe thoroughly to prevent smearing and then dry with paper towel if you’re going inside right away. Be sure to wash your hands after as well!

If it ends up inside the house…

If the dog poop ends up inside the home, remove any large pieces of feces with your hands or a pet hair removal tool. Thoroughly wash and dry the area afterwards to prevent dirt and bacteria from spreading to other parts of the house. If it’s on a hard surface, an all-purpose cleaner and some paper towels should do the job. If it ended up in the carpet- then a carpet shampoo may be in order!

If ends up anywhere else

While cleaning up after dogs is just  part of owning one, it still isn’t one most people look forward to. But, with our poop clean up service, all you have to do is call us and we will come handle all the dirty work for you; from rounding it up to hauling it all away- and eliminating odors and harmful bacteria that could cause illness or allergies in the process. Contact us for a Doody- free day!