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Have to brag on my pooper scooper. He typically services our area on Fridays...PERFECT and in time for the WEEKEND!!! Since last Friday and tomorrow are holidays, they came a day early to make sure that all of their customers were happy AND today, its 36 degrees out, raining and windy. It is absolutely miserable out there and Dept. of Doody has already come and gone this morning.

So...if you need this kind of service, I would recommend these guys all day, every day. We have used them for a little over 2 years.

A huge THANK YOU to Justin and his team.

— Robyn David Mahle

Justin is very professional!! The work is done quickly and efficiently! I LOVE the yard deodorizer! Justin has used this at the side of my house where stray tomcats spray and it lasts for a very long time. I highly recommend Department of Doody. I have 3 dogs and love the great prices!!!

— Cammy Barbosa