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Dept of doody has been amazing. When we planned out our backyard retreat we knew we would not be good hosts of friends and family if everyone had to dodge dog poop in the yard. Dept of doody is very reliable and communicates extremely well with customers. I would highly recommend this company to friends and family.

— Christopher Fontenot

Justin is FANTASTIC! I have three dogs (that's a lot of dog doo!) and two little kids so a clean back yard is super helpful! Justin is communicative, reliable, sweet and most importantly - thorough! He gets everything, every time. I refer him to my friends (almost reluctantly because he's like the best kept secret!) but he really is great. I can't recommend him enough. I LOVE that my kiddos can run around in the backyard after I get home from work and I don't have to worry about running behind them to ensure everything is clean/ Thank you, Justin, for taking one of my not=so=favorite chores off of my to-do list! 

— Makenzie Foster