Like us humans, dog’s can have itchy skin for any reason. Normally this isn’t a problem as it’s a natural reaction when something is irritating their skin, but when they keep doing it constantly even when in an area of comfort to them is when you should be concerned. The natural reaction would be to assume that fleas are the problem, and while that is a common cause for this issue, fleas are not the only reason that dog’s will be scratching themselves.

This article will teach you what other reasons there are for your dog to be scratching themselves constantly.

Itchy Dogs: Reasons and Solutions To Help


Dogs can have allergies to many types of pollens, plants, and dust. It could be a type of allergy that is seasonal or all year round, the only way to really know is to get them tested at the vet. If your dog comes into contact with these allergies, then they will be scratching the areas that are irritated by it such as the face, nose, paws, or stomach. The easy way to fix this is to wash off those areas and give your dog a good brushing afterwards, because not only will you be helping your dog recover, you’ll also be spending some quality time with them which they will really love.


Just like humans, dog’s need to eat a healthy diet in order to keep a healthy body. Poor quality dog food is filled with all kinds of unhealthy little things that will prevent their body from fighting off any itchy skin from showing up. Not to mention all the other problems such as fur loss and obesity, all of which will lower your dog’s ability to fight off sickness. A good healthy diet goes a long way to helping your dog live a good long life.


Sometimes the simplest answer to the problem is the correct one. Fleas are one of the most common problems that dogs have to deal with, right next to ticks. Being the most common issue that owners know about due to how much people talk about them, most owners are already prepared to deal with them when they get a dog. Unfortunately, this can mean that other insects can cause problems for your dog, such as ants and mosquitoes. A more uncommon problem depending on where you live and what time of the year it is, but a problem nonetheless.

If your dog is often itchy and loves to spend time outside, then the best thing for you to do for him is to keep your yard, or whatever area they are let out to play in. If you feel that you are unable to clean it fully, or you want a more thorough job, then contact us at Department of Doody and we’ll clean up the area for you. Insects, dangerous bacteria, and harmful plants will be cleaned away in no time!