Backyard & Patio Wash

Our backyard wash kills parvo in minutes! Whether you need your backyard, porch, or large dog park sanitized we can take care of it with our safe and effective sanitizing solution. We offer an eco-friendly sanitizing solution that is more effective than bleach or other harsh disinfectants.

We will also spend more time spraying stuck-on residue to completely wash it off grass or artificial turf.

Our sanitizing solution is effective against the most dangerous pathogens including bacteria, viruses, fungi (such as ringworm), and protozoa. The best part is, that it completely eliminates odors getting rid of the poop and urine smell!

Add Our backyard wash to your initial visit for that complete clean experience!

$39.99 Per Wash

If you or your teens scoop your own yard but would like to set up a plan to have us come out once or twice a month to disinfect and deodorize your yard and patio please call or text 817-674-7667 to set that up.

Backyard & Patio Sanitizing