Dog poop is one of those things you just don’t think about until it’s there. And then it’s everywhere. But what do you do when you’re mowing the lawn and see dog poop sitting out in plain sight? Should you pick up the poop? Or let it sit there and wait for nature to take its course? In this blog, we will discuss a some common misconceptions about when dog poop should be removed.

Should Dog Poop Be Picked Up Before Mowing?

The Lawn Mower Does Not Remove The Poop in Your Backyard

Many people may think mowing over dog poop is the easiest way to get rid of the unsightly mess. However, this is not the case; even if you don’t see the dog poop, it does not mean it is cleaned up. When you mow with dog poop on your lawn, the mower can either miss it altogether or cut it into smaller pieces.

Dog Waste Isn’t a Fertilizer

Forget about the myth that dog poop is a fertilizer and will provide nutrients to your lawn. Dog poop contains high nitrogen content, making your grass turn yellow and eventually die. On average, dog poop takes about nine weeks to decompose. The decomposition process depends on the size of the stool, climate, and the dog’s diet.

Dog Poop Removal

Department of Doody scoops over 600 yards of dog poop a week. A lot of our jobs are performed right after the lawn is mowed and there is still a lot of poop that gets left behind. Investing in a residential pooper scooper service can ensure that your yard is poop-free!

The Department of Doody in the DFW area provide the best pooper scoopers services in town. They will remove all the unsightly piles of waste from your lawn. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us today for exceptional services!