Residential Pooper Scooper Services

In the realm of pet waste management, the tide is turning, and pooper scooper services are seizing the spotlight. At Department of Doody, our relentless pursuit is to ascend as the preeminent residential pet waste removal agency in the region, committed to delivering unparalleled service quality to each and every patron under our watchful eye.

Prices And Plans

Weekly & Monthly Options


1x Per Week


$18.99 per visit

All inclusive:
Up to 4 Dogs
Free call or text before service
Picture of Secured Gate
Waste Hauled Away
Satisfaction Guaranteed

2x Per Week


$15.99 per visit

All inclusive:
Up to 4 Dogs
Free call or text before service
Picture of Secured Gate
Waste Hauled Away
Satisfaction Guaranteed


Once Every Two Weeks


$24.99 per visit

All inclusive:
1 Dog Only*
Free call or text before service
Picture of Secured Gate
Waste Hauled Away
Satisfaction Guaranteed

*For 2+ dogs, a minimum of one service per week is required.

Our Pooper Scooper Team: The Clean-Up Crusaders

At Department of Doody, our mandate is to roll out the crimson carpet of first-rate, white-glove service for all your pet waste removal demands. The saga commences with the recruitment of exceptional team members, individuals who harbor an unwavering fondness for our four-legged companions.

Our unyielding dedication is channeled through a symphony of advanced systems, the assembly of top-tier personnel, and unfettered communication with our esteemed clientele. This resolute commitment has etched our name in the annals of the foremost pet waste removal authority in these parts.

For those dwelling in sprawling urban landscapes, take heed: Department of Doody casts its protective shadow over commercial pet waste removal services as well.

Continue your journey to unravel the inner workings of our residential pet waste removal saga, and seize the opportunity to enlist our services, right here and now!

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Ready to Dive into the Action?
Follow This Trail:

Instant Quote Inquiry

Begin your journey by diving into our instant quote process – the first piece of the puzzle that leads you to a cleaner future. Alternatively, you can pick up the phone or reach out through the secret channels of Facebook to clarify your concerns and sign up for our pet waste removal services.

The Kickoff Cleanup

After signing up, one of our vigilant Department of Doody operatives will make contact to set the stage for your initial cleanup and guide you through the entire operation.

Unlock the Case Files

Following the schedule for your inaugural cleanup, you’ll be granted access to your confidential customer portal. This is your command center for overseeing your Department of Doody service.

Secure Your Financial Strategy

We require a credit/debit card on file to be billed the 1st of each month. Once the autopay is in motion, we will send you a coded receipt via email. These documents remain classified within your customer portal. If your financial dossier doesn’t reach our vault before your first operation of the month, you’ll be withdrawn from the service docket. 

And that’s the deal! Once you’ve taken these steps, we’re on the case, leaving no mess unexamined. Welcome to a world where cleanliness reigns supreme!

The Service Unveiled: What’s on the Horizon

Here’s what you can expect from our operation:

The Arrival Alert: If you’re the type to keep an eye out, you’ll receive a discreet message tipping you off that your technician is on the move. They’ll touch base within a 10–20-minute arrival window, Department of Doody is unable to provide exact arrival times. Our routes are finely tuned the night before to minimize downtime and keep costs low.

Client Confidentiality: You’re not obliged to play host during the operation. We only ask for unhindered access to the cleanup zones and a plea to keep the more assertive canines on the inside.

The Yard Detective: Your Scoop Technician takes the reins and plunges into a meticulous mission to eliminate all the evidence left behind by our four-legged friends. Our Department of Doody sleuths are well-versed in navigating a strategic path, ensuring no hint of pet waste goes unnoticed. They’ll scour your turf repeatedly, leaving no stone unturned.

Complimentary treats discreetly left behind after each operation.

Guardians of Security: Once your yard is pristine, your Scoop Technician goes the extra mile. They’ll snap a visual record of your secured gate to ensure no unauthorized canine escapes. Additionally, they’ll cleanse all their gear with an organic kennel-grade disinfectant, ensuring no unsavory elements linger.

The Disposal Operation: With security measures intact, your Scoop Technician corrals all the evidence, swiftly evacuating it from the premises.

With our operation in full swing, you can anticipate a clean, secure environment for you and your treasured four-legged comrades to savor. The case of the missing poop is closed!

Department of Doody Policies & Terms

Quote Precision with a Dash of Caution

  • While our quotes are typically on point, we tread carefully. The true pricing won’t be etched in stone until our team conducts a thorough examination during the initial visit. If there’s even a hint of a price adjustment, we’ll keep the lines of communication wide open. No surprises here; you’ll be in the loop before we kickstart our services.
  • For customers opting to hit the pause button on our services for any reason, keep in mind that upon reactivation, you may be subject to initial cleaning fees before seamlessly rejoining our monthly service routine. A brief detour, but we’ll have you back on track in no time.
  • Initial or One-Time Cleanups: Payments for these services are due upon the successful completion of the job.
  • Transition to Monthly Service: If you decide to continue with monthly service after an initial cleanup, you’ll receive a bill for the remaining days of the month during your second cleanup.
  • Recurring Services: Monthly service payments are expected on the 1st of each month, before the services commence. 
  • Late Payment Consequences: Late payments will incur a $10 late fee. Punctuality is key, as tardiness may lead to removal from the service schedule if payment isn’t received before the first cleaning of the month.
  • Fair Monthly Pricing: The monthly fee is calculated based on a 52-week calendar, averaged over 12 months. For months with 5 weeks instead of 4, you won’t be charged extra as it’s already factored into the monthly price.
  • Card Verification: When you link your debit or credit card to your online portal, a test transaction will occur. No actual funds are deducted from your account; it’s just a routine check.

We’ve designed these payment policies to keep the financial aspect of our services as clear and seamless as possible. Your convenience and satisfaction are our guiding principles.

  • Department of Doody operates on a year-round beat, and we’ll brave the elements if safety permits, be it rain, snow, or any unfavorable weather gambit.
  • However, if we can’t roll out the service for a week due to treacherous conditions, we’ll double down the following week, with charges for the full month still standing. The reason? Every yard packs its fair share of pet waste, no matter the weather.
  • For those loyal clients who stick with us through the winter chill, there’s a bonus. You won’t be charged for a spring cleanup. Instead, you’ll continue riding the subscription wave, with locked-in rates to sweeten the deal. Rain or shine, we’ve got your back.
  • If Department of Doody encounters a locked gate, your trusty Technician will go the extra mile, knocking on your door and attempting to reach you by phone before considering your yard a lost cause for that day. If access to your yard remains an enigma, a charge for the cleaning will still be in effect. However, don’t fret – we’re not ones to back down easily. We’ll double our efforts the following week to catch up.
  • To avoid this altogether, Department of Doody offers free combo locks to clients that prefer a secure yard 24/7. You pick the 4 number combo & your trusty scooper will attach it after completion of your initial visit.
  • Department of Doody doesn’t bind you with contracts. You have the liberty to cancel our services at any juncture, for any reason, provided you give us a heads-up with 48-hour notice. Reach out to us via phone or tinker with your subscription plan right through the customer portal.
  • However, for those customers who hit the pause button on services during specific times of the year, there’s a twist. Upon your return to the monthly subscription, you might be subject to initial cleanup fees or a spring cleanup fee, depending on the case.
  • If a customer decides to part ways midway through the month, we won’t hold your funds hostage. You’ll be refunded for services not rendered thus far, with the reimbursement channel flowing through the payment method stored in the customer portal. We’re not here to play games; your satisfaction is our top priority.
  • Department of Doody’s is a fan of our furry friends! Our technicians are well-versed in the art of working with dogs in your yard. If your canine companion is playfully part of the scene, no worries at all.
  • But here’s the twist: if it becomes glaringly evident that your dog is of the more aggressive variety, or if they decide our presence is unwelcome, we won’t back down without a fight. We’ll give it our all, knocking on your door, ringing you up, and updating your online portal. If the hound’s vigilance stands in our way, you’ll still be charged for the visit. Don’t despair, though, as we’ll be back the following week, pulling double duty to make amends. Your peace of mind and a poop-free yard are always in our sights.

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